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 May 19 -  Owlcraft Healing Ways, August 11 - Wildcrofthollow, October 13 -  Crabtree Meadows


As you walk along the forest edge, you are greeted by the many herbaceous plants that call this area their home.  All of them are old friends, the subject of admiration and study for many years.  At least that is what you would like it to be.  The fact is that although you have a lot of knowledge about herbs and plants, when you go out into the wild, things get confusing.  This is the class for you.  Herbwise is a field based learning opportunity.  Four classes at different times of the year in a different place each time.  We will spend time not only on identification, but also learning the environments these plant folks prefer, and with whom they like to associate.  We will also be learning the medicinal uses.  Herbwise is a collaborative class, David Welker of Blue Heron Outdoor school and Suzanna Stone of Owlcraft Healing Ways are combining their efforts to bring you a deep knowledge of herbs and how they relate to their environment.  You will receive a guidebook and a journal to help with your studies.  Join us to go visit our plant allies and friends in their own homes.  How better to get to know them than by seeing where they live?

Later Event: May 20