About Us


David has been teaching in the outdoor education field for years; 20 years as a Camp counselor and Primitive skills instructor for Passages Adventure Camp, and through the school he established, Blue Heron Outdoor School.  David and Lena met in 2002 at Dreamtime School for Herbal Medicine and together dreamed into reality; Wildcrofthollow Botanical Sanctuary, and our studio, “Michifmakers”.  Lena is the owner of Medicine Lake Herbals and a fiber artist whose work has appeared in "Art Doll Quarterly"  .After a lifetime of accumulating skills and wisdom we are grateful to have the space and time to offer our unique perspective on living a life in balance and harmony.

We would like to acknowledge these teachers that have shared their wisdom with us.  You were there when we needed you.


Charles Worsham – primitive skills esp. tracking

Jon Young – primitive skills/how to learn

Kathleen Maier – herbal medicine

Rosemary Gladstar – herbal medicine

Stephen Buhner – sacred plant medicine

Steve Quam – flintknapping

Steve Woodward – Kali

Teresa Boardwine – herbal medicine

Tom Brown – primitive skills

Wendy "Makoons" Geniusz – Ojibwemowin

Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes "Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine"