The world is a miraculous and wonderful place.

We, as a society, have lost much of the knowledge and ability required to perceive this. Through a community dedicated to learning and perpetuating ancestral skills, homesteading and self-sufficiency, we endeavor to raise awareness to create a more “wholistic” lifestyle.

A lifestyle in good relationship with the earth.



The spiritual world and physical reality are not separate.  They are so thoroughly intertwined that one cannot be extricated from the other.  Competence in any physical skill requires spiritual understanding.  It requires a relationship between the craftsman, the materials, and the creation itself.  This is the art of living in balance.  This is the art of living in relationship.

Blue Heron Outdoor School is dedicated to providing guidance and instruction with this concept firmly in mind.



 Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Wilderness survival Firemaking Plant Identification
Braintanning Cordage Kali
Basketry Foraging Canoeing
Tracking Shelter Permaculture
Flintknapping Aidless Navigation  Beadworking
Log cabin building Woodworking with hand tools Scythes and sickles


Classes usually take place either at Wildcrofthollow Botanical Sanctuary or at our home, Catbird Farm though we have been known to take our show on the road.  Please contact us for opportunities for barter or work/study.